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Home automation. Homatron offers home systems automation at affordable prices with the security of an established company.

Homatron innovation in home automation

Safety, energy saving and comfort. Home automation has never been so simple

We present you MAX, Domy and ... Titanus


Max is the home automation system designed and built to be easy to install and above all to use. The Max installation is simple. The sensors and devices (motion sensors, smoke sensors, temperature sensors, on / off, ...) are wireless , and are based on the consolidated and safe ZigBee technology. It is not necessary to install Max any type of construction work (passage of wires, unsightly cable ducts, …), where you need it is easy to position a sensor.


The product can be used according to the customer requirements, and requires a low investment to start using it. It enables a home automation Simple, efficient and configurable according to the individual needs. All our devices can be used in this system with a series of standard settings but they may be varied if desired. The system is based on wireless 'independent' devices but connected to each other via a Network hub. A system is composed usually by one Network hub, and any number of devices. The purchase of the devices can also be delayed depending on the needs. After a simple pairing process each device is acquired into becoming part of the system. It is important to underline the fact that our actuators work, as well as with the methods mentioned above, also in an autonomous way to make the use even more .


The traditional lighting systems have manual controls to be imparted on fixed wall-type on/off switches. Today LEDs provide further options such as the light intensity and the practical use of different shades of color. As in the transition from black and white television to color, there are added to the current command possibility that the electronics enables us to use. And so the mobile phone, the detection of presence of people within a room, brightness, combined with what we are accustomed, become parameters which our new lighting system can react to. Homatron has developed a global lighting system which, while preserving our habits, adds that the new technology allows today, trying to spread its accessibility to all.

Energy saving


Building Automation and Control Systems

The increasing energy efficiency in energy end-use is a goal of primary interest now shared by everyone in the European and national energy policy. The savings achieved are seen as a virtual energy resource and should be understood as one of the policy instruments to be used to meet short and medium-term structural problems of the energy system of our country.* (* Technical Unit Energy Efficiency Enea).


Overview and description of Homatron services

Alarm system

Everything related to the world of security. Wi-fi or wired as needed.

Video surveillance

Internal or external cameras, wired or IP as needed. Display and recording remotely.

Energy saving

Photovoltaic and control systems, to monitor electricity consumption.


So many products to choose from to enhance the comfort and health of the whole family.


Advanced systems allow to illuminate large areas with small expenses, being careful to consumption.

Remote control

With our system you can control all your data wherever you are respecting your safety.

Something about us

Let you know better Homatron world. Some more information will clarify our objectives.

Focus on what

Our main objectives are: innovation, efficiency, safety and comfort. Indeed, we are very attentive to the new technologies and we use it to the maximum exploiting strengths. Also we pay special attention to energy efficiency having on our side the best solutions for the photovoltaic and energy saving. Last but not least, we aim with particular attention to safety and comfort, because nothing is more important to live safe and relaxed at home.

Every our step forward is a step aimed at improving your experience with home automation and improve your lifestyle, leaving behind worries and stress. With our system, and our devices, it will be possible a few simple steps to set up your home so that it completely meets your needs and requirements.

  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Energy saving
  • Innovation

Creative process

Here's how to act when it comes to design, prototype and test our products.







Homatron Team

We present people who have made possible the creation of Homatron products and services.

Nuccio Di Paola


Technology Evangelist. Designer and developer software systems. Social-media marketing and responsible for customer relations.

Gaetano Di Stefano


Designers and developers of software and hardware systems. It has always focused on Linux and on customer devices.

Homatron partners

Companies that actively collaborate with Homatron.


Company specializing in software development, working in the IT sector for many years.

Informatica e Telecomunicazioni

Company that operates in the IT service management sector.

MC Link

Company operating in the supply of broadband services for individuals and companies.


Company operating in the field of security and alarm system.


July 2009 innovative start-up Homatron S.r.l. is born

The Homatron name is a contraction of Homa and electron words. Homa is a fiery winged fowl like the phoenix.

Begins the development of Homatron MAXhome automation system.

Some home automation devices begin to be implemented

After some years of design and development the Homatron home automation system is born.

The name given to the system is to MAX. It is able to integrate into a single interface various home devices that serve to improve the comfort safety and energy savings in your home.

Continue the development of the platform for home automationContinue the development of the platform for Homatron MAX home automation.

The system is enhanced with new features and more and more advanced implementations.

The MAX system includes additional devices that over time have been integrated. MAX is inserted in the market being a hit.

The system can be used with desktop and mobile devices. You can reach it remotely with a simple Internet connection.

Homatron decided to make its first home automation devices. This is how the first prototypes of boards that interact with board such as Arduino and OLinuxino.

All this is designed to allow the end user to buy small products and the developer to create different devices to integrate with 'MAX'

Collaboration with renowned designers for the creation of design objects that works with Homatron technology.

Launching of crowdfunding campaign for the distribution of new Homatron devices.


The Homatron is a company that guarantees a high security at affordable rates.
You can choose any package or product which is adequate for your needs. Our products/services are integrated with each other and one does not exclude the other.
By sending an email to: or by telephone on: +39 095391801. Our operators and technicians are available to answer to any questions or problems you encounter.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our services or to request explanations regarding our products.

Contact us

Homatron S.r.l.
Corso Martiri della Libertà, 38
95131 Catania (CT)
Phone +39 095391801