‘The increasing of energy efficiency in end-use efficiency is a goal of primary interest now shared by everyone in the European and national energy policy. The savings achieved are seen as ‘virtual’ energy resource and should be understood as one of the policy instruments to be used to face short and medium-term structural problems of the energy system of our country. ‘*
(*Unità Tecnica Efficienza Energetica Enea)


BACS – Building Automation and Control Systems

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The energy saving measures include:

  • decrease energy consumption and consequently reduce the cost of heating and cooling;
  • improving the conditions of comfort and well-being of housing;
  • comply with European directives (Directive 2002/91 / EC – EPBD) and national (UNI EN15232) aimed at improving the energy performance of buildings within the Community and thus to the reduction of fuel consumption from fossil sources;
  • invest in intelligent and productive way our money.

Our goal is the implementation of the functions control  in relation to the achievement of class ‘A’ (BACS) efficiency, as defined in the UNI EN15232 for residential buildings. In particular:

  • HEATING CONTROLS – output control; code SE3A rif.norma 4. ‘Integrated control of each room with motion communication and control’;
  • LIGHTING CONTROL – motion control; code SE70A rif.norma 2. ‘Auto detection’;

You can acquire the energy certificate from public authority. The Energy Efficiency Certificates, also known as ‘white certificates’ are tradable certificates, which testify energy savings in end users of energy. Translate into economic incentives for the making of saving measures and energy efficiency.

How it works

The system involves the installation of a domy Universal button (temperature, brightness and motion sensor) in each room of the house and of a control system with solenoid valves to be positioned in the manifold, at top of the individual water supply pipes of radiators with open / closed  controls. A domy Network hub controls and manages all the system.

In this way it is possible to control or not the activation of a single radiating plate, according to data revealed by the domy Universal button: temperature of the rooms, motion, etc.
Similarly the system can manage the switching on / off of the lights.

domy Network hub has a clock on board, so you can change on / off logic via a dedicated interface on a PC, tablet or smartphone. Comminications between devices are wireless.

The system is intended as a basic system dedicated exclusively to its objectives, but it will be possible to add all domy devices, also later, and these will be autonomously acquired by the system.

Standard application for a normal apartment (approximate area of 100 square meters)


  radiator     (n. 8 )

  switch        (n. 9)

  manifold   (n. 1)


  domy Network hub         (n. 1)

  domy Universal button   (n. 9)

  domy Radiators control  (n. 1)      +  Solenoid valve    (n. 8)