Catania Linux Day 2016


“Catania Linux Day 2016”

XVI national day for free software

October 22, 2016

University Campus

The town of Etna will host the sixteenth national day for free software with the event “Catania Linux Day 2016” on Saturday, October 22 at the University Campus. The initiative is organized by Sputnix – Sicilian association that gathers the Gnu / Linux users with the aim of encouraging the spread of open source platform – in collaboration with the Departments of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science (Dieei) and Mathematics and Computer Science (DMI), University of Catania, and Mozilla, Homatron, Fablab Catania, the Press and CoderDojo Etna.

“With this initiative we will try to shed light on everything that is part of the GNU / Linux galaxy – engineer Gaetano Di Stefano said, representative of Sputnix in Catania – about the advantages and possible applications in education, and we will do involving students and educational institutions, as well as the experts. It is a cultural revolution advancing and we want to spread further – continued – Twenty-five years have gone by Linus Torvalds when he developed the first kernel of the operating system that later would take its name. The concept at the base of the open source system is the freedom of use, distribution, and above all the code development: in this way the international community of programmers has contributed over the years to the improvement and dissemination of ‘free software’ ‘ .

At 9.00, the Aula Magna of Mathematics, in opening remarks will bring greetings rector James Pignataro – who will also speak as a scholar of Public Finance and monopoly markets – along with the president of the degree course in Computer Engineering Michele Malgeri and the provincial Education Office director Emilio Grasso. Afterwards take the floor: Mariano Sciacca (magistrate of the Court of Catania) on justice and technology management at the time of the Great Depression; Dario Camonita (computer science student) that will trace the history and philosophy of free software; Emanuel Of Life (Mozilla official) who will report on the campaign Change Copyright: Reclaim freedom; Sonia Montegiove (President of LibreItalia non-profit organization) via video link. We discuss also the use of free software in public schools with a contribution by the provincial Education Office of Catania.

At 10.00 Aula Magna Oliveri will continue with the reports: Gaetano Di Stefano (Sputnix) on the project Home Automation for applications in home automation; Luigi Di Naro (Foundation odoo Italy) who will present the open source platform for e-commerce odoo; Salvatore Cavalieri (Computer all’Unict teacher) and the engineer Luca Galvez who will talk about Xenomai, the “real time” for GNU / Linux, also developed for the migration of industrial applications in open source environment; Emanuel Of Life (official Mozilla) on Parrot Os: Ethical hacking made in Sicily; Luca Zagarella (computer engineer) who will explain the use of Linux to CoderDojo Etna; and finally, the basic practical demonstration of the editing software Gimp images by Carmen Russo (Fablab Catania).

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