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Many people put their own photos, even photos of their childrenĀ  on network sites, not thinking about what those services might do to them.

But can they equally tend to do that with information about their habits and time at home?

How would you react if you found out that companies, who usually are not even located in your same country, store data of your most intimate life in their servers? Habits like when you get home after work, how many hours you watch television, when your sons are at home and you are still working, etc…

For this reason Homatron Team has put efforts in creating domy, a cloud-free home automation system.

Indeed domy does not use cloud storage for working, contrarily to all the other products of the rich automation market, which are based on systems that exploit cloud platforms for providing a service and data storing.

During the designing of domy we made a choice: let the user decide how to use his own data, give him freedom to choose. Hence, our offer is a product and not a service, a product that, just like a common item, can be safely kept at home without allowing any access from outside. This is openly against multinational corporations that follow an opposite policy, tending to gather as many data as they can about people life-style and habits, while we consider essential protecting the most private and personal part of the customers life: home.

Thanks to domy, peripherals exchange data through wireless connection at 868 MHz that is encrypted with an AES128 key.

The Network Hub manages all the devices and use a standard Debian GNU/Linux OS. Moreover, even if it is connected to the home router, all the ports are closed. Nevertheless domy is able to receive your commands sent through Telegram even when you are not at home! All the data gathered by the system (e.g. temperature, power consumption, humidity, people detected, etc.) are saved in a microSD card and you can decide to delete or keep them whenever you want.

domy is not invasive and it has a wide choice of peripherals expressly designed in order to change not points of control to which you are used to. The devices, indeed, are meant for controlling pre-existing lights, electrical plugs and relays preserving the original controls. All of this with a bargain price and extraordinary performance.

Both software and hardware are completely available to developers and geeks who are willing to try to improve and/or modify domy or just to get closer to the domotics world.

After receiving the appreciations by Pavel Durov (Telegram founder) on Twitter, domy is now on kickstarter and can be pre-ordered!