Integrable systems

Homatron decided to realize only not existing devices and to integrate into domy existing ones of the best technologies currently on the market, so as to provide their users on the one hand the continuity with the MAX system and on the other the integration of products already manufactured in large series which reduce the relative costs.

Currently we have been integrated into domy system:



Electricity Meter Plug

Single-phase Energy Meter wall mounted unit

ZigBee remote control thermostat with relay

Temperature, humidiy & light sensor

Gateway Modbus USB
Securforce Securlan 88 Mainframe
LCD keyboard
Radio siren
Motion sensor
IR motion sensor
IR radio AIP
Radio transmitter ATC
Magnet for radio transmitter
Bi-directional receiver RX128B
Remote control WL-TC4B
eQ-3 HomeMatic wireless radiator thermostat
HomeMatic Funk-configuration adapter USB