Why domy

domy allows you to control every electrical equipment in your home. Even when you are away!

These are the key facts that make domy unique among its competitors:

A – domy preserves your habits

All of our devices will not require you to remove the preexistent — literal — control points (switches?). Instead, they will work on additional –points–, that can be  controlled remotely.

B – domy is not invasive

Our equipment will not require any wiring or masonry: to exchange data, we use wireless connections on frequencies that are typically free, so to avoid interference with your WiFi network.

C – domy is secure and cares about your privacy

(double check the technical stuff. besides: do you really need all these details?)
All data between the core unit (check) and the peripherals (sensors?) are exchanged via wireless @886 MHz and encrypted through the AES128 standard. The core unit works on a Debian OS that has all its network ports closed. Nonetheless, you will be able to control it through Telegram when you are away! All of the collected data (e.g. temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.) will be stored in a MicroSD card, that you will be able to erase whenever you want. We chose to avoid cloud technologies because they depend on servers that you can’t control.

D – domy works. And it works. And it works.

It works if you have an internet connection: just plug it to your router and you will be able to control it through telegram.
It works if you don’t have an internet connection: with our optional USB card reader and your data SIM, you will still be able to get all the features domy can offer.
It works if you don’t want to have an internet connection: with our optional USB network device, domy will set up an internal network that you will easily be able to access from your smartphone or tablet. The only feature that you will miss is the possibility to control domy when you are away.

E – Moreover, it works

Even if the central unit crashes, the peripherals will continue doing their jobs and you will be able to control them through touchscreens and remotes.

F – domy will save you a lot of money

 – Keep track of power consumption: you will have your data always at hand, and you will immediately notice any anomaly.
 – Set priorities in the allocation of power loads: if you are using your air machine, you could choose to turn off the fridge for 1/2 hour. –Or the dishwasher, or the washing machine.–  When you are done, turn everything back on.

G – domy is entirely yours

domy does not require any third party software or servers that we can’t control.  We will never charge you any royalty fee, nor ask you to pay a subscription for any external service. (double check)
What domy not envy to existing systems
domy works on a user-friendly interfaces that allows you to
 – monitor data on each sensor (e.g. pressure, current, temperature, humidity, etc.)
 – monitor the state of each actuator (e.g. relays, outlets, etc.) and sensor
 – control all of the actuators
 – tune all the system settings (sleeping time, turn on/off times, etc.)
 – plot data out of single sensors in a time interval of your choice
 – have full control on how particular actions are triggered: you may choose to associate either the state of a device, a particular time or a telegram text to an action to trigger be performed in your home. For example: when it gets warmer than 30°, turn on the air conditioner and send me a text.
 – manage telegram bot in a complete and innovative way